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Xenith X1 Football Helmet Featuring Xenith Adaptive Head Protection

Xenith Aware-Flow Shock Absorbers

~ adapt to impact energy, providing a more optimized response at a variety of energy levels.
~ strategically collapse, releasing air through a small opening, which dissipates impact energy and reduces the sudden movement of the head, reducing the likelihood of brain injury.
~ return to shape instantaneously.
~ constructed of highly durable thermoplastic polyurethane with antimicrobial lining.

Xenith Shock Bonnet
~ creates a suspension system which allows for more flexibility upon impact, adapting to impact direction.
~ allows strategic placement of Aware-Flow Shock Absorbers.
~ made of flexible, adaptive antimicrobial thermoplastic.

Xenith Fit Seeker

~ instantly adapts to head size and shape, providing a truly customized fit in a matter of seconds, with no air inflation needed.

Xenith X1 Shell

~ facilitates air flow by using strategically placed air flow vents in the upper-rear portion of the helmet.
~ molded from high-impact performance polycarbonate blend.

Chin Cup

The X1 features an impact-absorbing vented polycarbonate protective chin cup with a slip-resistant, antibacterial silicone liner. Both are vented for breathability and the liner contains an insert-molded moisturewicking fabric to keep you dry.

The X1 also features a patent-pending six-point chin strap, made of high strength nylon webbing with abrasion-resistant polyurethane coating, with unique pivot points. The pivot points allow the chin cup to adapt to your chins location and shape, and anchor under your chin during an upward force to the facemask, helping keep your helmet secure. Its unique design allows for individual replacement of each chin strap or the chin cup itself.

Chin cups can be ordered in a variety of standard injected colors (not available in grey) or can be custom painted to match your teams helmet or facemask.

Xenith X1 Facemasks

Xenith offers 4 of the most popular facemask styles available in a variety of team colors. Xenith facemasks are made of carbon steel to ensure strength and are comparable in weight to other carbon steel facemasks. All 4 styles will accommodate any name brand eye shield or visor. The X1 should only be fitted with Xenith facemasks, and only Xenith facemask clips should be used.

Helmet Colors