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Career Opportunities with PTS

Are you searching for a new opportunity in your area? If so we may be right for each other. While many companies are pulling back in our current economy we are doing just the opposite. We have seen continued growth over the last three years and it's due to the success of our current Independent Contractors.

We have teams in 42 States wearing our uniforms and products and only a few Reps. We have had success with full time reps and love part time coaches. With our award winning quality products, reputation, and more than competitive pricing structure it's very easy to find customers who want our products.

All of our manufacturer Reps are independent contractors who run their own business. You choose the amount of income you receive. Do you want to work part time and make $12,000 or full time and make $50-100,000.00 your first year? It's an easy business to be successful in. Be honest, organized, and work hard and you will have success.

If you would like to know more please contact us.